About the Training Agenda

photo of training agenda

The 2024 In-Person 26th CALIFORNIA UNIFIED PROGRAM ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE Training Online Agenda lists all training sessions organized by day, time, track and session type. For the CUPA-2024 In-Person Conference, after attendees are registered and login to our platform, then attendees can select sessions from the Online Agenda to add to their online "My Itinerary".  This is REQUIRED if attendees want to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for attendance at the Conference Sessions.

Please note that there are some restrictions to scheduling sessions. For instance, a business registrant cannot schedule to attend Regulator-Only sessions.  This is managed by the user's registration type.  Sessions cannot be scheduled with overlapping days and times, restricted sessions are not open to the public, and scholarship recipients cannot schedule sessions until after scholarship applications have been approved. Again, scheduling sessions is available only if you've paid registration fees, exhibitor fees, have been awarded a scholarship or approved as a speaker.

Also note that during the conference, if you need to make changes to your My Itinerary, you need to do this within a few minutes of the start of the session.  If you are going to add a different session to you My Itinerary, you will need to do this within 15 minutes of the start of the session.  If you have any issues at the conference, please visit the CUPA Kiosk for assistance.

NOTE:  HazWOPER sessions are limited to 100 attendees, so if you want to attend this Session, make sure to add it to your "My Itinerary" on our Online Agenda.

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